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Application Checksum Thing 2.1.1 MAS

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Checksum Thing 2.1.1 MAS

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A menu bar application that watches a designated directory, such as your downloads folder, automatically recording and storing the checksum/digest values of arriving files.
A simple context click displays the checksum value, another click conveniently copies that value to the clipboard. The checksum/digest algorithm used is selectable, supporting MD5, SHA1, and various others. Uses hardware accelerated cryptographic functions on supported macOS platforms. Optionally generates audible notifications to keep you informed.
• Runs in the background from the macOS menu bar, hiding the dock icon
• Actively watches a selected target folder for new file content
• Calculates checksum/digest values using a number of selectable algorithms
• Right click to view the checksum value, click again to copy to clipboard
• Option to export database content and checksum values to CSV file
• Uses hardware acceleration for cryptographic functions on supported Macs
• Fully sandboxed macOS application with minimal permissions
• Optional audible notifications when files arrive and have been processed
• Maintains a database of checksum values for multiple target folders
• Accurate progress bar shows the current status of file scanning activities
• Animated menu bar icon shows when background operations are in progress
• Written purely in Swift and SwiftUI for macOS 11
• Universal binary for both Intel and Apple Silicon macOS platforms
• Uses only one third-party framework, SwiftyBeaver (open source logging tool)
• Absolutely no adverts, tracking, calling home, or other privacy concerns
Supported Operation System
• macOS 11.0 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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