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eBooks Lady Boss (1990) -Collins, Jackie

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epub | 552.12 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1849836272 | Author: Collins, Jackie | Year: 2013


"On the beach and in the bedroom, perhaps no one plays with the heart -- and other body parts -- as successfully as scandal queen Jackie Collins." - Philadelphia Daily News

In the internationally bestselling third book of the iconic Lucky Santangelo series, the ultimate Lady Boss Lucky has her sights set on conquering an entirely new empire-Hollywood.

Can she do it? Of course she can. She's Lucky Santangelo, and she always gets what she wants.

Gorgeous, alluring, and calculating, there's nothing she can't do and nothing she won't do to seize what she craves the most: unlimited power on her own terms.

Standing in her way this time is her ruthless uncle, Abe Panther. He owns Panther Studios, Lucky's ticket to Hollywood dominance. But he's not about to just hand over the reins to Lucky, no matter how generous her offer to buy him out may be. She must first prove she understands the system-how to make it and how to break it. So Lucky disguises herself and goes undercover as a secretary to get an intimate, up-close-and-personal peek at how the Hollywood machine runs.

She soon uncovers a dark and complicated web of financial scheming and big-time betrayals that when revealed, allows her to finally clinch her prize. Now at the peak of the entertainment pyramid, Lucky sets off a series of shock waves with rippling effects that resonate way beyond the industry and put a huge strain on her marriage to Lennie. But also, in becoming the Queen of Hollywood, she stokes the generations-old hatred of crime boss Carlos Bonnatti, putting her life and the lives of those closest to her in grave danger. . . How many will perish in Lucky's pursuit of complete control?

In classic Collins style, Lady Boss grabs you by the hand and doesn't let go! Gritty, riveting, and utterly suspenseful, Lucky's Hollywood adventures are sure to stay with you long after you've put the book down.

Adapted in the 90s into a highly successful NBC mini-series, the Santangelo novels are currently being developed for TV once again by Working Title Productions and the updated series is set to be compulsive, sexy and totally binge-worthy!

"Collins's raunchy effervescence has a moral edge, making butts of male arrogance and vanity, and urging Hollywood to say no to films that hawk sexism and brutality." - Publishers Weekly

"Impossible to put down." - Wall Street Journal

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1. Chances
2. Lucky
3. Lady Boss
4. Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge
5. Dangerous Kiss
6. Drop Dead Beautiful
7. Poor Little Bitch Girl
8. Goddess of Vengeance
9. Confessions of a Wild Child - Lucky: The Early Years
10. The Santangelos
11. A Santangelo Story

Category:Women's Divorce Fiction, Women's Sagas, Women's Friendship Fiction

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