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Training Negotiate for More

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Negotiate for More
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.29 GB | Duration: 1h 53m
Negotiation psychology and bargaining strategies that get you great deals (+exercises and quizzes)
What you'll learn​

What 3 numbers you need to prepare to stay on top of the negotiation
When is the best time in a negotiation to talk about money
How to anchor someone in a negotiation
How to make a high first offer without alianating the other side
How to make concessions that keep most value for you but make them happy
4 ways psychology influences your daily negotiations
No prior experience needed - we all negotiate every day!
Be this for a new car, your employment contract or a huge sales deal, negotiations for money, no matter how big or small, have a special dynamic that is governed by the laws of psychology and strategy.
This course gives you a deep dive into the proven science of bargaining strategy and immediately applicable lessons in human psychology and decision-making that will change your negotiation approach forever.
Over the course of 17 video lessons, filled with examples and insights, you will first discover how universal the dynamics of bargaining are and how they will help you in small and big situations throughout all your future negotiations because you now know
how and when to make an opening offer (and when better not to),
what it means to "anchor" the other side (and how to avoid this from happening to you),
how to make concessions that leave you with good value but make the other side happy,
how to push exactly to where the other side is likely to have their limit,
in short: How to always get the best deal for yourself when you are bargaining for money.
Equipped with this powerful knowledge, you will then dive deeper into the aspects of human psychology that influence you (and them!) in this dealmaking. You can use this expert knowledge in your negotiations to know exactly how
decision shortcuts influence your negotiation outcome,
the satisfaction of the other side is actually little dependent on what they get from you,
how you 'frame' (ie formulate) an offer will have a direct impact on whether they will accept it.
This course is filled with practical examples and little experiments that will give you an insight into your actions and psychology. It is rounded off by 12 quiz questions that you can use to check your understanding of the content.
[This course is about competitive negotiation skills, aka bargaining. It complements my other course "Negotiation Secrets for Master Negotiators" which is about collaborative negotiation, aka win-win. Most times, you will need to combine both skills in your daily negotiations.]
Who this course is for
Anyone who finds themselves in monetary negotiations, no matter how big or small




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