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Training The 13 Verb Tenses Of English Grammar + 3 Bonus Ebooks

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The 13 Verb Tenses Of English Grammar + 3 Bonus Ebooks
Video: .mp4 (1280x720, 30 fps(r)) | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2ch | Size: 1.21 GB
Genre: eLearning Video | Duration: 23 lectures (1 hour, 57 mins) | Language: English

How to Elevate Your English to "Native Speaker" Status
What you'll learn
How to properly use all 13 English Verb Tenses
How to correctly conjugate the 13 Verb Tenses
How to immediately recognize which verb tense to use.
How to avoid common verb tense mistakes
How to communicate correctly using the correct Verb Tense.
Students should have a beginner level or above.
Able to dedicate 15 minutes a day for 1 month.
After many years of teaching ESL to students in 3 different continents, I've come to 1 very obvious conclusion
Verb Tenses Cause Way Too Much Pain & Suffering To ESL Learners.
For this very reason I've decided to create this course. In this course I will cover all 13 Verb Tenses like no one before me ever has. By the end of my course you will become a Verb Tense Ninja, no questions asked, promise!
So if you're ready to start communicating correctly and stop confusing the various tenses, this course is for YOU!!
Join the journey towards Verb Tense Literacy today. Learn to master the 13 Verb Tenses of English Grammar and bring your English to the next level. The journey starts here.
Over 2 hours of Video Lessons and Quizzes for every Verb Tense & the possibility to ask me all the questions you want in order to better understand all 13 Verb Tenses. (I'll answer in 24 hours or less)
Don't delay anymore, join today and I promise you won't regret it!!
The Present Simple
The Present Continuous
The Present Perfect
The Present Perfect Continuous
The Past Simple
The Past Continuous
The Past Perfect
The Past Perfect Continuous
The Future Simple
Be Going To
The Future Continuous
The Future Perfect
The Future Perfect Continuous
Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to master the 13 Verb Tenses of English Grammar.
Anyone who doesn't know the difference between "I studied" and "I have studied".
Anyone who doesn't know the difference between "I play" and "I'm playing".
Anyone who thinks "I saw her twice this week" is grammatically correct.
Anyone who wants to communicate properly and stop confusing the Verb Tenses.




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