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Training The Pregnancy Fit Guide

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The Pregnancy Fit Guide
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Be Prepared | Keep Active | Ready For Motherhood
What you'll learn​

How to train safely in pregnancy and what signs to look out for
A balanced workout program (29 workouts) trialed and tested for pregnancy that anyone can adapt too
Stretching routines and injury prevention
Vital information from a renowned Women's Health and Continence Physiotherapist
Answers from the dietitian with foods to include and why - plus an example meal plan
Workouts that adapt throughout your journey as bump grows
Empower yourself with knowledge to help you make confident decisions on your journey of motherhood
No prerequisites just make sure you have a clearance to exercise from your doctor/OB before commencing this program. We highly advise a pelvic floor check from your Women's Health & Continence Physiotherapist.
Hello and welcome to the Pregnancy Fit Guide. A Proven training plans to keep you active, fit and strong on your journey of pregnancy. As a qualified pre and postnatal trainer I was determined to bring together all the vital information every pregnant woman and new mum needs to know. Here is what you will learn...
The Pregnancy Fit guide includes 29 workouts you can perform from pre-conception to birth. You will also receive all the vital information you need from a women's health & continence specialist, dietitian, yoga instructor and me your personal trainer. I have personally experienced every single workout in this book as you will see in all the workouts provided. Limited equipment needed and you can perform these workouts in the comfort of your own home, at the park, or at your local gym.
Be the fit mama you can be. Keep active, be prepared, ready for motherhood.
If I can do it, you can too!
So what will I get out of this book?
The Pregnancy Fit Guide provides you with weekly workouts that you can perform throughout your entire pregnancy. This includes resistance exercises, cardiovascular exercise, stretching and rehabilitation, breathing techniques and in depth information on the pelvic floor. Plus so much more! I have also included vital information from a highly qualified physiotherapist who specialises in women's health & continence to assist you throughout this very special time. You will also receive a guided meal plan from a dietitian and foods to include every day, with serving sizes to help. 108 pages packed full of essential information you will need. So what else?
Importance of warm-ups and cool downs
29 Workouts from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy
3 resistance sessions per week, these will change every 4 weeks as your bump grows
Stretching routines and injury prevention
Benefits of yoga throughout your pregnancy
Vital information from a renowned physiotherapist
In depth information on the pelvic floor
Answers from the dietitian + a meal plan/guide
Safety guidelines
Video Exercise Library, PDF's, Education + Interviews!
Contraindications during exercise, PLUS video interviews with other allied health pro's helping women have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
In this program I have created weekly workouts that change every four weeks as you progress through your pregnancy. Remember to rest whenever you need, everyone is different, go at your own pace and always remember to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I am super excited to get you started! X
Who this course is for
If you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant get this book to start educating yourself but also to start exercising before you fall pregnant. You can use the trimester 1 workouts before you fall pregnant if you have been cleared to exercise.




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